Does The MicroMask® work as protection from the COVID 19 coronavirus?

Yes. COVID 19, like many other viruses, is infinitely smaller than a dust particle. It means that no element that allows air passing through and that makes breathing possible can stop it. However, the good news is that the COVID 19 has a particular feature; it does not spread alone, it does so in water particles that are expelled when coughing, sneezing or simply speaking. Without these particles, the virus is not able to get out of the infected person. The MicroMask® is a barrier to this due to its quadruple protective layer, no particle of water can remainon the outside (in case the virus comes outside in) or in the internal filter (if it moves inside out) Therefore, it is an useful measure to prevent the spread of the virus in closed spaces.

Can I make a mask myself?

Yes, you can. But beware. Not all fabrics function to prevent the spread of the virus. They must meet certain conditions:

1) Perfectly cover your nose and mouth.
2) Let the air go through so you can breathe normally.
3) Prevent water droplets from passing. The best way of testing it is to stretch the mask you have with your two hands and spray some liquid or gas (non-dry deodorant or similar) at a distance of 6 inches from the mask and see if it passes to the other side. WE RECOMMEND YOU TO SEE THE VIDEO OF THE MicroMask® TEST on our home page.

What is the difference among The MicroMask® and the masks that I can find in other online stores?

The MicroMask® was designed to protect you and protect others efficiently bearing in mind that you must wear the mask for long periods of more than 2 or 3 hours and it must be comfortable and functional for the purpose it was created. Therefore, it has 4 protective layers. The outermost layer is made of 100% polyester to allow air to pass through, while preventing water droplets from the environment (such as the small droplets of saliva) to pass or remain on the mask (which is the case of the cotton masks on the market). The second and fourth layers are made of hypoallergenic cotton allowing the mask to be in contact with your face for a long time without producing any adverse effect and providing comfort. These two layers form a pocket, where the SPUNBOND® filter is placed, it is a special non-woven fabric that does not allow water to filter, in this case from the inside out, protecting third parties from any sneeze, cough or even when you speak. Furthermore, unlike the masks that are fastened behind the ears, The MicroMask® has an adjustable elastic band to be fitted behind your head, allowing you to taking it off and hanging it around your neck without risk of losing it. These features make The MicroMask® UNIQUE on the market.

Can I wear The MicroMask® all day long?

Like any disposable mask, it is not recommended to be used for long periods of time. Its ideal use is wearing it on situations in which you may have close contact with other people (such as subways, trains, buses, planes, etc., or in closed places such as airports, cinemas, banks, public offices, …). In case it is not possible to maintain a safe distance from your colleagues at your workplace, the mask is also recommended to be worn.
If you are to use it for longer than 4 hours, we recommend you to have 2 or more units to replace them throughout the day. They should be washed after that 4-hour time of use, and the filter must be replaced after 10 days of use. Keep in mind that The MicroMask® is an ergonomic mask and not a surgical mask. Its elastic fastening system and the design of the front piece, allows it to be closely tighten to the face. For this reason, its use is not recommended if you are going to be long periods in closed places.

Can I wash The MicroMask®?

Yes, in fact you should do it regularly (at least once a day). Specially to keep it clean from any virus or bacteria that may be on both the outside or the inside. It is recommended to put it into a soaking container with neutral soap for 1 hour and then rub it gently and rinse it to let it dry. It is important to remove the filter before washing, and only wear it once it is completely dry. Wash the filter separately with soap and water for 20 seconds and allow it to dry well. Sanitising the mask is to keep the product free from bacteria and viruses that may be remaining from the surfaces where The MicroMask® could have been laid during the day. NEVER MACHINE-WASH THE MASK.
Bear in mind that the outer fabric may fade a bit after the first wash. It is normal, don't worry. That will no longer happen in the following washes

Is it recommended to wash the mask when it is delivered?

You do not need to wash it, but it IS RECOMMENDED to do a sanitizing process spraying alcohol inside and outside the mask and let it dry before using. We suggest you to do this process even if you leave it on your desk in the office for a while before wearing it again.

Can individual filters be purchased?

We do NOT have this possibility at present. The kit includes 1 MicroMask® and 10 filters.Therefore, you have about 100 days of use, more than 3 months. It is important to notethat the main purpose of the filter is to protect the spread of saliva droplets from insideout, not the other way around. If you are asymptomatic and sneeze or cough using a MicroMask® with the filter in its place, you will have less possibilities of spreading the virus in the drops of your saliva than if you do not put the filter in your mask.
The outer layer prevents the spread of micro-drops from the environment entering yourmask, therefore you do not need the filter in place for external protection. The filter lasts between 7 and 10 days of use. Then the recommendation is to replace it, not only because it stops carrying out its function, but for hygienic reasons.

If I wear the MicroMask®, should I have any other precautions for not to spread or get COVID 19 or influenza?

Absolutely. The MicroMask® lowers the risk of contagion (whether you are a virus carrieror potential recipient), but it is not enough to prevent it. Therefore, the WHOrecommendation is always to wash your hands regularly with soap and water, use alcohol-based hand sanitiser if you are in public spaces and access to wash your hands
is not available, maintain social distancing if possible and keep your hands away from your face. Always remember that the contagion is produced by saliva drops that are suspended in the air for a few seconds and from people who are close to you and where
spreading can occur through the mouth, nose, or eyes (which The MicroMask® does not protect).

If I am infected with coronavirus or influenza, can I use The MicroMask® to avoid spreading?

The first recommendation we will give you is to be quarantined if you know that you carry any type of virus, you should stay at home with as little contact with other people as possible. However, some viruses (like COVID 19) are asymptomatic in many times or present mild symptoms. So if you have been in contact with infected people or present the least symptoms (such as fever, dry cough, shortness of breath) we recommend you to first make a medical consultation, do the corresponding test, and reduce your contacts as much as possible. In this case The MicroMask® will be very useful to minimize the spread of the virus and we recommend using it if you have to move or interact with others. Bear in mind that the first recommendation for the use of masks is precisely to prevent you from infecting others.

What should I keep in mind when putting on The MicroMask®?

Firstly, make sure it's clean. It is convenient to spray it with alcohol, especially on theinside. To put on The MicroMask® it is necessary to wash your hands very well with soap and water, or alternatively with alcohol-based hand rub gel. Finally, grab The MicroMask® by the elastic bands that are to be put behind your head and wear it locating the label (MicroMask® in front) on the right side of your face. Make sure it covers your nose and mouth well. It is important to avoid touching the mask constantly. It is recommended NOT to overstretch the tires to press the mask tightly against the face. Our recommendation is that you should have enough space for the air to circulate and avoid causing a feeling of suffocation in case it is very tight. Unlike a surgical mask, The MicroMask® is more adjusted and ergonomic, therefore, it can
increase the sensation of heat in hot places.

How many MicroMask® sizes are available?

We have 2 sizes.
Size 2 (SMALL): for smaller faces such as women and children between 8 and 14 years old.
Size 1 (STANDARD): for slightly larger faces, it is usually ideal for men.

Is The MicroMask® rigid or soft?

The MicroMask® DOES NOT have rigid materials. It is entirely made of a combination of fabrics, thus adapting more anatomically to the face. At some moment we considered including rigid parts as other masks on the market, but after several tests, we concluded that thanks to The MicroMask® design, it was better without rigid materials. Thus the product adapts perfectly to each face.

Does The MicroMask® have any certification?

At the moment it does NOT, since it is a new product, but it does not require it for being sold either. It is a hygienic mask. However, we are working with a certifying laboratory and we know that the product works very well, reducing the risks of contagion significantly. Nevertheless, remember that the use of The MicroMask® is not a sufficient condition for avoiding contagion or spreading the virus, it is just a GREAT help to decrease the risks.

Are there special prices for corporate purchases or purchases of more than 50 or100 units?

YES. We have special combos for companies or large purchases. Please write to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

What is the delivery cost?

The total delivery cost will be shown in the total purchase, at the time prior to purchase. It depends on the number of units, locality, country etc.

How are deliveries made?

Our service delivery partners are: Express Mails, MRW, DHL Parcel among others

Where I can get my order?

We ship to all of Spain and Europe.

How much time will the order last?

The time of delivery will depend on the type of shipping selected. Please note that due to strong demand and delays of courier services for the current special circumstances,
orders may be delayed an extra time, up to 8-10 business days depending on destination. We ask for your patience. We are working to be able to fulfill all deliveries in a satisfactory way, complying all possible security measures ourselves.

What is the deadline to make an exchange or refund?

You can request an exchange or refund up to 15 days after making the purchase. If youdid not like the product, send us an email to and we will tell you how to proceed to return your order and refund your money. Unfortunately, due to the strong demand that we are having, it is impossible for us tomake changes within orders once they are requested, either by color or quantity. We may have to ask you to make a new order if you want to add more units.

What should be done if the product does not arrive in good condition?

Contact us at and we will tell you how to act depending on the problem and your geographical location.

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