The MicroMask® Basic

The MicroMask® is the new manner to protect yourself and your environment. Suitable for Covid_19. Unlike disposable, time limited masks, The MicroMask® is 100% washable and reusable, making it environmentally friendly. It results from the combination of 3 layers. An outer layer of elastic fabric with polyamide and lycra and 2 inner layers of hypoallergenic cotton to stay in contact with your face for hours.

A fourth layer has been added to all this: the removable filter, which is attached to the product in a pack of 10 units with a 10-day lifespan each. Our exclusive The MicroMask® filter is made from Spunbond, which is a non-woven fabric. Its main function is to protect others from your breathing, coughing or sneezing. This filter allows you to breathe but does not let water through. Remember that the virus travels in micro-drops.

This combination allows air to pass easily when breathing, while preventing water droplets expelled through your mouth and nose or found in the air to penetrate your The MicroMask®, turning it into a protection barrier for bacteria and viruses that travel in droplets of water (such as Covid-19 or coronavirus).

This is the most significant difference compared to all the cloth masks you may find on the market.

Let´s take a look at the heart of our MicroMask®

All our Basic masks have a filter that performs a fundamental function: Avoiding the water droplets from your mouth to be expelled out of the mask, or at least, minimize this hazard.

To achieve this, we have incorporated a filter, which prevents water from passing, but at the same time is 100%breathable. You can just test one filter by blowing through it. You will notice that the air passes perfectly. Now put a little water on it and you will see how the filter itself is waterproof. Remember that the virus, in most cases, spreads through water, and that it is transmitted by the  micro-droplets that your mouth, nose and eyes receive from third parties. The main use of this filter is to prevent you from infecting third parties. So it is important to use the filter and keep it clean.

BE CAREFUL! Many masks on sale have a pocket for you to put your own filter and their instructions suggest to use paper napkins or just paper to work as filters. Nevertheless, when paper comes in contact with the humidity that comes out from the mouth for 1 or 2 hours, it loses any filtering properties as it gets wet quickly.


The use of masks is strongly recommended by experts and health authorities to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.Their use is especially indicated if you have symptoms or have been in contact with infected people.
The use of a mask does not eliminate the contagion risk 100%, neither for the wearer of the masks nor for those around them, what it does is decreasing and minimizing that risk.
You are always recommended not to put your hand on your face in public places and wash your hands every two hours with soap and water during 20-30 seconds.

Also maintain the social distance of 2m indoors. Follow the instructions provided by the health authorities about where and how the mask should be used.

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